We’ll Put a Roof Over Your Head

We’ll Put a Roof Over Your Head

Expert residential and commercial roofing services for Baytown, Katy, and Houston, TX

Is your roof in desperate need of repair? Regardless of your roofing materials, it will eventually need to be replaced. An asphalt roof can last for 20 years, while a metal roof can last up to 60 years.

When your roof needs to be repaired, or totally replaced, you can trust TCB Elite Fleet, LLC of Baytown, Houston, & Katy, TX. We can handle all commercial and residential reroofing and repair jobs, including:

  • New roof installation, including asphalt, tile and metal roofs
  • Wind and hail damage inspections
  • Emergency roof repairs
  • Roof and gutter repairs
  • Shingle and siding repairs
  • Painting

We also offer free roof inspections and consultations!

TCB Elite Fleet makes the reroofing process easy for you

Ask about warranties available to you and how we help you handle insurance claims. We also offer free estimates, and you aren’t required to pay upfront.

Most of our roofs are completed in just one day. What are you waiting for? Call 281-573-1937 today to get specialized roofing installation and repairs in Baytown, Houston, & Katy, TX area.