Take Care of Your Roof to Protect the Home You Love

Residential reroofing in Baytown, Houston, and Katy, TX

Your roof protects your family from harm and makes your home look beautiful. Take care of this integral part of your home by working with a team of expert roofers. The roofing contractors at TCB Elite Fleet, LLC can:

  • Install your new roof
  • Replace your roof
  • Repair your roof
  • Paint your siding
  • Inspect your roof for weather damage

Our roofers will install a solid base before we get started on the shingles. We can install an organic base or a fiberglass base, depending on your needs. Organic bases are made from a mixture of paper, cellulose and wood fibers and are held together with asphalt adhesive and covered with granules. Fiberglass bases are coated in resin, covered in asphalt and filled with minerals.

Let a TCB Elite Fleet, LLC roofing contractor help you determine the best base to start your roof off strong. Call 281-573-1937 any time – we offer 24/7 emergency repairs in Baytown, Houston, and Katy, Texas.

Learn about the 4 types of roofs we install

At TCB Elite Fleet, we work with four main types of roofing materials. These are:

  1. Architectural shingles – these shingles are thick and strong and tend to last for a long time.
  2. 3-tab shingles – these are lightweight, low-cost and uniform in shape and size.
  3. Tile – clay, concrete and terracotta tiles look beautiful and last for 50 years or more.
  4. Metal – these long-lasting roofs are highly resistant to inclement weather and mildew and reflect heat from the sun.
Not sure what the best options for you are? Call 281-573-1937 to speak with a TCB Elite Fleet roofer about your plans.