1. File a claim with your insurance carrier's claims office.

  • Contact the property claims department by phone or online.
  • Describe the weather related event and answer all of the questions
  • Notify them that TCB Elite Fleet, LLC assisted with an inspection of the roof and found evidence of damage.
  • The claim handler will assign a claim number and claim adjuster.
  • It may take several days to obtain the name and contact information of your adjuster.
  • Be sure to ask for his or her cell phone or direct contact number when he or she calls to schedule the inspection meeting.
2. Contact your TCB Elite Fleet, LLC representative and provide the claim information, adjuster's name, contact info and appointment date and time.

  • It is highly advisable for your TCB Elite Fleet, LLC Representative to attend the inspection meeting and serve as your advocate.
  • Inspecting the roof together will help establish the presence and accurate assessment of the extent of the damages.
3. Your TCB Elite Fleet, LLC representative will meet with the adjuster to assist in their inspection and determining the overall scope of repair.

  • Once the insurance adjuster assess the extent of damages, he or she will generate a claim summary detailing the scope of repairs or replacement.
  • Depending on the schedule, seniority and authority of the field adjuster, this claim summery may be provided to you at the initial meeting or will go through a submission and approval process.
  • It should not take more than two weeks to obtain the claim summary.
  • Most insurance carriers use Xactimate pricing software to determine the fair market price of your roof replacement.
  • To simplify matters, TCB Elite Fleet, LLC also uses Xactimate to generate our estimate for your project, so the pricing per unit should be the same as your insurance carrier.
4. Scope of repairs and associated pricing are finalized between the adjuster and TCB Elite Fleet, LLC.

    • When you receive the adjuster's claim summary we will compare it to our own to make sure nothing has been omitted from the scope of the project.
    • If there is a difference in our estimate and that of the insurance company's estimate, it will be solely on the scope of the project, not per unit pricing.
    • In the event that there is a discrepancy between our assessment of the scope of the repairs needed to restore your home to pre-storm condition your TCB Elite Fleet, LLC representative will negotiate the difference with the insurance company on your behalf.
    • In most cases this will be a simple process of faxing or emailing them our estimate and calling them to discuss the differences. We are very familiar with what each insurance company is currently approving and do not submit frivolous supplements that delay your new roof instillation.
    • You should receive the initial check about the same time the claim summary arrives.
    • The initial check may seem small compared to the full amount of the roof.
    • There are two reasons for this:
    • - Your deductible
      - Your depreciation

    5. Most homeowners choose the replacement cost coverage type of policy over the actual cost value policy. If you have a replacement cost policy, at the proper time TCB Elite Fleet, LLC will facilitate the recovery of the depreciation initially withheld by the insurance company.

    6. Recovery of depreciation is done after the work has been completed.

    7. The deductible is the portion withheld by the insurance company that will not be paid out to you at any time.

    8. The deductible is your co-pay, which you will pay to TCB Elite Fleet, LLC.

    9. REMEMBER...The full cost of the roof replacement is the sum of:

    • The first insurance check
    • Your deductible
    • The amount of depreciation
    • Any approved supplements

    10. The scope of work is scheduled and completed.

    • Taking Care of Business

    11. Your insurance company will receive final paperwork and depreciation will be released.

    • After the roof has been installed, our office will provde the necessary documentation to the insurance company to let them know the work is complete.
    • The insurance company will most likely call you to confirm that the project is complete and will then release the last check to you.
    • It is possible that if a supplement was negotiated that it may be included in the final check along with the depreciation.